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In Lellar we make candles and we make them great. We combine design and eco-sustainable materials to produce quality candles to turn your house into your home.

En Lellar hacemos velas y las hacemos genial. Aunamos diseƱo y materiales ecosostenibles para producir velas de calidad que llenen tu casa de hogar.


coffe time

Sara Birds


One of my deepest dreams is to someday say nonchalantly "sorry, I couldn't help but overhear you saying..." but people in real life tend to be far less pleased with you spying on them than people in movies. Luckily, in the atelier they are not only happy to let me overhear them, but they also come to me with lots of random information. As the main info gatherer in the team I have decided to share the best weekly recommendations of my fellow coworkers and spread the joy:

Andrea (production) is, luckily, over her croissant obssession and is now head over heels about real food. What is that, may you ask, and she provides:

Marci (finance) wants us all to know the secret to happinness at work:

Paula (sales) is mesmerized by the heartwarming work of Nikaela Marie:

Sara (me! hi! is it weird to keep the third person? I'll perfection this section over time) (design) is super into podcasts lately and highly recommends this one of Cathy Horyn discussing Karl Lagerfeld: