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In Lellar we make candles and we make them great. We combine design and eco-sustainable materials to produce quality candles to turn your house into your home.

En Lellar hacemos velas y las hacemos genial. Aunamos diseño y materiales ecosostenibles para producir velas de calidad que llenen tu casa de hogar.


coffee time II

Sara Birds


painting by Inès Longevial

Tomorrow is the international women’s day and we want to stress that it’s not a day to buy, but a day to think and reflect. The topics we’ve been discussing this week are all about women, and we love them.

Marci (finance) will have a baby girl soon and he wants her to know that conventional is not the only valid option:

Paula (sales) is printing her banners:

Sara (design) wants you to live a great life, but also to be independent is something kind of bad happens:

Andrea (production) made us cinnamon rolls to discuss all the other topics: